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Welcome to Copywriter Zine - CwZine.com! For whom is our platform?

  1. Writing is your forte and you would like to make money as a copywriter, but you are not willing to work for peanuts and write at your clients’ bidding? Now, it is up to you to decide what to write and how much to earn!
  2. You are feeling the pull of unrealized potential of a publicist/writer but nobody publishes you and you do not know what to start with? We suggest thatyouunlock your talent! May your avocation become as well your source of income! Besides making a living as a copywriter, here, you can also improve your verbal skills while communicating with other authors, learning from each other's experiences.

Eventually, you will achieve a higher copywriter rating, and will get an opportunity to offer your copywriting services in other platforms, providing a link to your portfolio on CwZine.com. Publishing here your copywriting materials and promoting your rating, you will boost the reputation of our platform on the Internet, and afterwards, the reputation of the platform will work for your copywriter reputation. We are looking for article writers!




The Rules of the Platform

(last updated 01/04/2018)


1. Requirements for publications


1.1. Exclusiveness. The material you publish on CwZine.com shall be written exclusively for CwZine.com! The author himself or someone on his behalf is allowed to publish a part (preview) of his author’s material on third-party Internet resources, but not earlier than 1 calendar month after its being published on our platform. It is always necessary to provide an active hyperlink to the source article published on CwZine.com, and the size of the preview should not exceed 50% of the size of the article itself!


1.2. The title of the article, the amount of text, its information value. The title of the article should reflect tothe utmost the message of the publication and, at the same time, it should not exceed 140 characters, including spaces. The amount of the text to be published shouldbe at least 250 words, excluding spaces. The size of the article determines its initial rating in the system, and, accordingly, the moment, in which the article will start to bring you profits (for more details, see below, in the sections on Finances and Ratings).The key point about writing an article is to ensure that people reading your article get the most benefit and information. You should write articles on topics that may be of interest to a potential reader, and articles should be informative. You should not take readyarticles from other sites and write them in other words (rewrite them)! If necessary, you can use the central idea of ​​someone else’s article and express your vision of the issue covered. The information presented in the article must have permanent and lasting relevance.Do not try to “post”news, which in a week will not be of any interest to anyone. Although news materialsmay be published as well, they must be informationally loaded(as, for instance, news about the release of a new version of iPhone orAndroid operating system).


1.3. Uniqueness of the text. As a rule, texts written “from scratch” are unique.However, search engines seem to have their own “view”on the matter- they estimate the uniqueness of any text on the entire Internet using special automatic algorithms. Consequently, there is a need to check copywriter’s articles for uniqueness.

To perform this check, you can use a special free service - plagiarisma.net. According to this service, the uniqueness of your material should be not less than 95%. Don’t try to offer texts with a lower degree of uniqueness, they will not pass the editor’s test, save your (and others’) time.

NOTA BENE!!! Do not copy materials from other Internet resources; do not pass off other people's publications as your own. The account of the platform participant, who was caught once doing this, will be blocked without payment of the money he or she earned, with no possibility of appeal and account recovery, with no possibility to sign up for the service for the second time.

It is allowed to quote from well-known sources, use aphorisms, utterances of famous people, excerpts from poetry etc. but their amount should not exceed 10% of the total amount of the article, and, when calculating  its size, quotes are excluded from the total amount of the text.


1.4. The content of the material to be published. Your publication should fully elaborate on the issue stated in the title. In this regard, try to use most of the text to cover the topic, do not “waffle” trying to type the required amount of text - such articles will be sent back for revision. Try to put yourself in your reader’s place - what would he or she like to know from your article, having found it in search results? Try to avoid making mistakes in the text - neither grammatical, nor lexical, or punctuation mistakes. Take the trouble to proofread the material before sending it to the editor for review. If it is hard for you to do it yourself, ask your relatives or friends to help you. Mistakes in the texts is one of the main reasons why your text can be sent back for revision. Allmaterials are authorial, so editors are not obliged to correct your mistakes for you, but they can do it in their discretion. Materials that sow interethnic, and interreligious hostility, encourage cruelty and violence, advocate the overthrow of the current political system, or the change of religious and moral norms, as well as purely commercial articles, articles that somehow violate copyrights, those with pornographic and explicit erotic content are not allowed.


1.5. The absence of links to external resources in the text of the article. In the text, you add for publication, there should be no links to external Internet resources (sites). If you need to publish here an article with a link to an external source, it is possible only in the context of placing an advertising material on CwZine.com.


1.6. The presence of an image, somehow illustrating the topic of the publication. The material should go with a thematic image (photo) of no more than 200...300 x 200 pixels (that is, from 200х200 to 200х300). The image should not have “watermarks”that indicate that the image belongs to some particular site or author! Find an image on the Internet or take a photo from your personal photo archive, prepare it (reduce, crop) and upload it to our server by clicking on the “Select a file” button in the “Image” field above the text input form. The size of the image file should not exceed 60 kB! Free image optimization service - http://compressjpeg.com/.


1.7. Sending an article for revision, the main reasons. If you carefully read the requirements for the materials published on CwZine.com, all the reasons are clearly listed there.

Nevertheless, to save your time, we list here the main ones:

- thetitle is too long or too ambiguous. In such a case,  the editor has a right, in his discretion, to correct the title and accept the article for publication on the site, if there is no other reason to revise the material;

- aninsufficient material amount (less than 1500 characters without spaces);

- alow degree of  text uniqueness (less than 95%);

- too much “waffle” in the text, too many general words, the article doesn’t elaborate on the topic, stated in the title;

- mistakes, expletives;

- alow degree of article relevance,  empty “news” (“empty” news is not accepted);

- presence of external links in the text of the article;

- anarticle with no image that meets the requirements of paragraph  1.6 (see above). The editor can also choose a thematic image, but rating points, given for a materialwithout image, will be reduced;

- other reasons not listed here, which may occur on our “thorny path” (the list can go on).

The article can be sent back for revision as many times as needed, but do not try your editor’s patience – he has a right and an opportunity to reduce the author’s rating for his unwillingness to be scrupulous about the text.


2. Financial Section. The system of income generation and authors’ payments

Our authors’ income ismade up of payments forunique visitors viewing their articles and of authors’ earnings on the Partner Program (for the Partner Program, see below, in section 3).


2.1. The rates of the system

The total sum of an author's income consists ofpayments for unique views of all his published articles in total.To calculate the income, every 1000 full  views are counted. For example, if you have 10 articles, published in the system, and each of them in the accounting period (a calendar month) received 110 unique views (only unique views are taken into account in the system!), then the author will be credited with 1100 effective views, 1000 of  which will be paid this month at the rates of the system. The remaining 100 will be transferred to the next period and will be paid as part of the following views after the same scheme.

The rate of the system is calculated as follows. At the end of each accounting period, the site’s incomeis generated from the translation of advertisements, placed on it.At least fifty percent (50%) of this income is distributedamong all authors in proportion to the number of views of their articles. It works like this.For instance, the site’s revenue for the past month amounted to $1000, and during that month the site received 100,000 unique visitors.In terms of 1000 views, the revenue of the site amounted to $10, and 50% of this figure is $5, so, this is the rate of the system. So, the cost per one view for an author is 0.5 cents.

At the launch of the platform, the rate of the system is equal to this value - $5. In their personal account, authors can monitor daily the number of counted views of their articles and see the number of views of any of their articles by opening it in a separate window.

How much can you earn in this way? Let us say, you have published 10 articles, each of which on average receives 100 unique views per day. So, your daily income only from these articles with a system rate of $5/1000 views will be $5, which for a month will be $150, and, in a way, this is absolutely passive income (so much desired by everyone). Now, let us assume that every month you publish 15 new materials (1 article every 2 days) - then monthly your passive income can grow by more than $200, and, in a year, it can be already at $2000/ month. What are your expenses? Just an hour of your evening time dedicated to writing another interesting article. In order to know how to write articles that will get a large number of views, and other information you need, click here (the link will be available after yousign in to the site). Well, the list of pre-selected topics offered for writing, is also meant to help you in this (a list of pre-selected topics opens in a drop-down list when clicking on the link “ADD A MATERIAL”).


2.2. The sandbox, the hold,  the author’s rating. After being accepted for publication, your article gets into a special section of the site called the Sandbox (its link - CwZine.com/sandbox). Only when the material gets out of the Sandbox,   the site starts accruing income for your material being viewed! The simplest way to quicklyleave the Sandbox is to write maximally content-rich articles (with at least 500 words), which meet all the Requirements for publications (see section1 of the present Rules). In this case, the author’s rating of your article will immediately reach $5, and after 10 days of “hold” (for details, see just a few lines below), it will automatically leave the Sandbox (for details on the rating of the articles, see below, inthe corresponding section of the Rules). Your material leaves the Sandbox to go to the main section the site provided that all of the following conditions are met:

  • after a hold period (suspension), after its being approved  by the editor and published on the site. During this suspension, we have anopportunity to verify that this material has not been published previously or in parallel on other Internet resources. The Hold period is 10 days;
  • when the  rating of the material (that is,  the author’s rating, not to be confused with the rating of activity, for ratings, see below in the section on Ratings), reaches “5”. The rating of the material is made up of the initial rating established by the moderator when the article is accepted for publication, and from  “pluses” (“+”) of other authors, who have an option  to upvote with a “plus”.In order to be able to upvote with a “plus” other authors’ articles, the user must have at least one published article (for more details, see below, in the section on Ratings).


2.3. Rules of payouts

  1. Accrued (earned) funds are paid out to service participants on the 25th day of the month,following the month in which they were accrued. All payments are carried out through PayPal or Neteller (before the number of the purse we specify the prefix: PP - for PayPal, Net - for Neteller).
  2. The minimum payment is $20.
  3. Payments of the earned funds are made upon your advance request in your Personal Account on the “Finance” page (when clicking on the link “Request a payment”). The requestshould must be submitted in the period from 1 to 15 of the payment month! The payment will be transferred to the wallet specified in the profile - be careful when filling out your account!

Let us see an EXAMPLE of income accrual and payment generation. For example, in July, the articles you published received 27,650 views, and the system rate in July was $5. Further, 27,000 full views will be credited to you (the remaining 650 will be transferred to the next month, they will not be lost anywhere and will not “burn”!). In the end, you will be credited with 27 * $5 = $135. Since this amount exceeds the amount of the minimum payment, you can order a payment in the amount of $5-$135, and you need to do this in the period of August 1-15! In this case, you will receive your earnings in the period of August 25-31.

IMPORTANT!!! If the request was not submitted in a timely manner, and if the balance of the funds to be paid in your account at the end of the accounting period is less than $20, no payment is made in the current period, your funds are transferred to the next payment period (next month). If you did not specify the desired amount in the request (within the means available for payment), then the entire available amount will be paid.


3. Partner (referral program)

Any author has an opportunity to engage other authors with his referral links. If a new author registers by clicking on your ref-link, he automatically becomes your referral. On each of your referrals, you will earn 10% of his author’sincome (that is, you will receive 10% of your referral’s income accrued from visitors viewing his articles), and you can have as many referrals as you want. And that is not all! An author, engaged by a ref-link (that is, someone’s referral) has an additional bonus - in the first 2 months of his activity as an author (60 days from the date of registration in the system), he will get a 20% increase in income from the views of all his articles! So, registering for the platform as someone else’s referral is a win-win boththe author and for his referral!

How do you engage other authors? As we have mentioned earlier, there is a mechanism of ref-links for this. In your personal account, you can see the link "Referral section" (it is right under the view counter) - clicking on this link, you will go to the page of your personal referral statistics. At the top of the page, you can see the Generator of your ref-links. You need to copy the link to any allowed platform page (this can be, for example, a link to any of your articles, or to another page of the platform, for example, a link to a rubric) and paste it into the top field of the generator (“Initial link”), then click on the “Generate” button, and if this link proves to be valid, then in the bottom field you will see your referral link to this page (your referral link will look something like this - cwzine.com/?refer=519.  By the way, it is also a ref-link, and all new authors may use it to register) - copy it and use it as an advertisement of our amazing service, and  everyone who will register by clicking it, will automatically become your referral!

Just imagine that you haveengaged 10 authors of approximately the same productivity - this means that your total income from their activities will be equal to the income of an author himself! Now, imagine that you will have 100 ofsuch referrals, or, maybe 1000?

All your referrals will be displayed on the same page of your referral statistics below the ref-link generator (in the future, we will implement a visual display of the financial performance of your referral system).

Thus, advertising your ref-links to your own articles, you will not only increase the number of views of your articles, but will also be able to engagenew authors to your ref-program and, thus, to multiply your income! The key thing you need to do is to clearly explain toyour new authors their benefitsfrom registering as your referral (see the first paragraph of the “Partner Program” above).


4. Rules ofscoring rating points. The ratingvalue. Authors’ statuses on the CwZine

There are 2 types of rating in the system - author's rating and activity rating. Their current values ​​are displayed in your Personal Account, and in addition, above each article, you can see the current value of your author's rating for this article.


4.1. Author’s rating. For each article published by an author (this means that the article you added to the system was moderated by the editor and was published on the site), the author’s rating is given: the initial rating and the rating formed by authors (see above Section 2.1 of the Rules). The initial author’s rating is established by the moderator (editor) of the system at the moment he accepts the material for publication, and, depending on the size of the article, it can take on the following values:

  • 5 points for an article of 500 words or more;
  • 3 points foran article of 400 - 499 words;
  • 1 point for an article of 300 -399 words.

For articles in special rubrics and those on special topics, the author gets additional 5 points of author’s rating, when the material is released from the Sandbox (for details, see Section 5, “Adding and Publishing Materials”).

Articles in “Prose, Poems” rubric do not get the initial rating regardless of the text amount! Anewly-registered participant has no status. To get the status of an “author”, a participant must have at least one published article. From this time on, the author gets an opportunity to assessother authors’ materials (up vote with a “+” or withdraw it). However, in a day, an author can up vote with a “plus” not more than 3 articles by other authors, and each article can be given just one “plus”. As for commenting (and, accordingly, earning an activity rating), no restrictions are imposed.


4.2. Authors rating points can also be earned by participating in various contests and bonus actions conducted by the administration inside the platform - follow the news! What are the bonuses of an author’s rating? When earning an author's rating, you raise your status within the system, which later gives you an opportunity to publish your material out of turn. So, authors with an author’s rating of 1000 or more points are given the status of a “journalist” (in order to obtain this status, the author must have at least 50 published articles). In this status, you will be able to publish 1 article per day. On reaching a rating level of 3000 points, the journalist is assigned the status of an “expert” (in order to obtain this status, the author must have at least 150 materials accepted for publication). This status will give you an opportunity to publish up to 3 articles a day out of turn!


4.3. Authors statuses on the CwZine:

“Author” (Author) - with an authors rating of 5 or more points,  this status can be assigned after the publication of the first article. From authors with this status, publications are accepted    no more frequently than 1 article every other day.

“Journalist” (Jour) - 1000 points or more, withat least 50 publications in the system. The frequency of publications for this status is no more than 1 article per day.

“Expert” (Exp) - 3000 points or more, to obtain thestatus, the author must have at least 150 published articles. Up to 3 articles per day out of turn may be published!


4.4. Activity rating and its importance. Each author must be an active participant in the system. To confirm their activity, authors should comment and assess other authors’ articles. For each active day, the activity rating (not to be confused with the author’s rating - see above) increases by 2 points, and for an inactive day - decreases by 1 point. The system has the following restriction: the value of each author’s activity rating cannot be higher than 100 and lower than -100. With a negative rating of his activity, the author loses an opportunity to add new articles for moderation until the moment when the rating value increases to 0 and above. At the moment, the lower limit is set at “-2”, so, in the case of a negative activity rating, by leaving just 1 comment, you can immediately add material to the system). Furtheron, we plan to introduce an option to exchange author's rating points for activity rating points, as well as an option to buy out a negative activity rating with funds accumulated on the author’s balance sheet). Accounts of those authors, who have not been active for more than 6 months, can be deactivated. To restart working as an author, submit your request here.


5. Adding articles, their verification (moderation), rules for publishing materials in the system, upvoting with a “plus” and commenting


5.1. Having registered in the system, the participant immediately gets an opportunity to add an article that meets the requirements for the materials published on the CwZine (section 1 of the Rules) and send it for moderation. Note that initially, after saving, a new article will have the “Draft” status.In order to send it for moderation, click on the yellow button “Send an article for moderation”in the box of the added article (as you will see it will be in the “Draft” status), in the “Actions” subsection, - only after that your article will appear in the queue for moderation! The editor or moderator will review and publish your article or send it for revision with his comments. All following articles can be added in the same mode.


5.2. Upvoting your colleagues’works with a “plus”, you form the author’s rating in a reciprocal manner (you  do it for your colleagues, and they  do it for to you).


5.3. Leaving comments to articles written by other authors, your colleagues, you will be able to maintain your rating of activity on the positive side, which will give you an opportunity to add new articles for moderation.


5.4. Special rubrics and topics for articles. The system has both permanent special rubrics, and special topics for materials, which are  periodically announced. For every “special” material, on its leaving the Sandbox, the authors will get an extra rating of  +5 points in addition to the points already scored due to the votes of other authors.


5.5. Articles for publication are accepted in the order of their arrival on the basis of the following principles: - first, the degree of their relevance for the service (the materials to be published first are those in  Special rubrics and concerning  special Topics, periodically announced by the administration); - second, we  try to ensure even publication from different authors (so that there are no several successive publications from the same author). The same principle is applicable to uniform distribution of articles in rubrics (so that there are no several successive publications in one rubric); - third, in chronological order. In addition, some materials may not be accepted for publication for a very long time merely  because they are of low relevance for the service (reasoning on abstract topics (for example, on aliens and UFOs), stories and cases from personal life that are not instructive or educative and haveno significant meaning), the decision on it is entirely up to system editors and administrators. Perhaps, one day such materials will be accepted for publication.


6. Copyright

By registering in the system and publishing their proprietary content, CwZine platform participants agree that once an article for which an author will be paida fee is published, it can no longer be deleted by the author, while the authorship of the material still belongs the platform participant.   To duplicate articles to external Internet resources outside CwZine.com, without specifying an active hyperlink to the source (article on the CwZine) is prohibited!


7. Top 5 Authors

The authors’ rating, which you can see at the top in the left column of the site, is called “Top 5 Authors". What is it about, how is it made? This rating is createdby counting the number of views of all articles by each author for the last month (the calculation is performed once a day for the last 30 days).  The first column, as you can guess, presents the average daily number of views of all articles by the specified author. What is it for? Since our platform is aimedat giving our authors an opportunity to earn on visitors viewing their articles, so, we decided to boost our author’s activity in this direction - in the direction of increasing the number of views of your articles on the Copywriter Zine (CwZine.com). To achieve this, we need 2 components: firstly, the articles themselves - the more published articles the author has, the more potentialviews they will get; and, secondly, the authors should constantly work to promote their articles on the Internet. What does it mean? The larger the audience you invite to read your articles, the more viewsyou will get. Leave relevant thematic links to your articles on forums, blogs, various sites, share them on your social networking pages, and you will be pleased to seethe increasing number of people willing to get acquainted with your writings.


Final provisions

By registering on CwZine.com, you agree with this set of Rules. The account of a platform participant, who flagrantly disregards or systematically violates these Rules, can be blocked, andthe money he or she earned will not be paid. These Rules can be changed by the Zine Administration at any time without prior notice. In case of such a change, an information message on this will be published in the “News” section. Participants of the system can ask questions, express their wishes and suggestions on the platform work on the feedback page.


A kind of parting words

It may seem to someone that our system of rating points scoring and the rules of remuneration payment are very complicated and intricate.  Answering to this, we can say the following: such an illusion is possible only for those, who intend to respect no rules, seeking everywhere opportunities for an easy and quick enrichment. If you are committed to a long and fruitful cooperation with CwZine.com and will do your best to favor the development of a friendly team of like-minded people, you will not even notice all this apparent complexity - you will simply create and receive an adequate remuneration for your work, improving your publicist skills. The administration of the Copywriter Zine will only help and assist you in this, and your efforts will not go unnoticed! We wish you successful creativity and professional growth!


We invite you to register in the platform.

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