Why Sherwood turntable is worth trying?

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You may have no idea how useful a turntable can be during the warm and nice evenings when you can just grab a cup of tea, wrap yourself in a blanket and listen to your favorite vinyl. Sherwood PM-9805 is perfect when it comes to good sound and atmosphere. It goes with a belt drive, a tonearm and a standard stylus that can be removed if needed. The model plays at 33 and 45 rpm speeds (which are the most common in the vinyl industry), speed selection is manual. The maximum balance weight is 0,35 ounces. A pitch adjustment with a range from 10 to -10 will help to set the right rpm number. You still have to get an amplifier for this one, but it opens up the new possibilities of choosing the right equipment with preferable characteristics.

Another outstanding pro point: Sherwood is equipped with a stroboscope, which makes it easier to estimate the speed of the disk. For the ones starting out with vinyls: the edge of the platter is marked specifically, and if the marks are moving slower or faster than it’s needed, the pitch adjustment should be used to control it. Sounds tough? Easy if you try it once. For a better use in the dark, the turntable is fitted with a target light that opens up with a button.

Sherwood is designed for a comfortable use: space saving and lightweight, it won’t take much to fit in your room. If you are a cleaner lunatic, don’t panic – the turntable can (even should) be completed with a dust cover to protect the disk and keep it neat. Although, as any other electronic device, it is sensitive to abrupt movements and rough treatment. So handle with care.

The player is featured in silver with black bottom side only. The smooth dust cover of clear plastic makes it possible to close the turntable in working mode without disturbing the disk. Of course, you’ll have to flip the vinyl by yourself, but some enjoy it more than anything in the world. The quality of sound makes it possible to get into the magic of real vinyl, and if you want to make it even better – the model is open to your tryouts.

What’s good about Sherwood PM-9805 is that it meets the demand of professional users and suits perfectly for the beginners. It brings great sound and, at the same time, it doesn't cost you a fortune. If you want to start your experience in quality music, go with Sherwood.

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