Review on the daily matte lipstick - the perfect lipstick or just a new brand?

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The Kardashian family is now at its peak of popularity. Everyone is watching their TV shows, buying clothes like theirs, want to look like them and so on. Kylie Jenner became popular for her lips, and, as you may know, she has recently released a collection of cosmetics on her behalf. In the last few months, I have come across an Internet  advertisement of lipsticks from her collection. In addition, everyday matte lipstick is gaining increasing popularity, and earning confidence of most girls. I myself like them very much, and I constantly wear them in everyday life. As I  try to keep up with fashion, I really wanted to try this lipstick, which is now massively advertised, I saw how beautiful it looked on the lips, and decided to buy one too.

First, let's consider the packaging. The lipstick goes in a dense cardboard box,  with the brand image on the front  - lips with lipstick flowing along them, and the name of the brand is written just below. On the reverse side, you can see the information on the lipstick - its manufacturer, composition and so on. Well, the box itself, as well as the lipstick vial are covered with images of characteristic smudges. Besides the lipstick, the box contains a lip-liner, used to draw a contour and give the lips more volume.

As for the design of the cosmetics,  there is nothing unusual. The lipstick vial is made of transparent plastic, which allows to see the shade, and  it has a black cap. The cylinder of the lip-liner is made of black matte plastic with a colored tip of the same shade.

The applicator does not represent something extraordinary,  but it workes perfectly well. The tip is pointed, so it is easy to draw the contour of the lips without the help of a lip-liner. The limiter on the vial is not very convenient - it is too tight and removes almost all lipstick from the applicator, so you have to apply it several times. As for the lip-liner - it slips easily on the lips, has a rich pleasant color and is easy to apply. Of course, the shade of the lip-liner corresponds to the shade of lipstick, but it is noticeable only when it dries. While the lip-liner and lipstick have not dried up, it seems that they are of different colors - the pencil is darker. With so many advantages, there are undoubtedly some disadvantages - it cannot be sharpened or unscrewed, therefore it ends very quickly. Then you have to look for another lip-liner with a suitable color, which is not always easy to do.

As for the lipstick itself - it is easy to apply due to its liquid consistency. The lipstick dries quite fast - usually a couple of minutes is enough.At the same time, the color remains as bright and saturated as in the liquid state. When dry, the lipstick becomes matte and, most importantly, not sticky. The scent  is more cosmetic and unobtrusive, which is a plus, because not everyone likes bright flavors, such as chocolate or strawberries.

It is very easy to apply the lipstick - therefore, if you were not so good at applying bright shades before, this lipstick will  help  to resolve the problem. Many believe that lipstick perfectly transforms the shape of the lips and hides any flaws.

The stability of lipstick is incredible It is impossible to rub it off with fingers or “eat”, it is not washed off with water and does not any leave stains on clothes. However, it is also quite problematic to remove the makeup - this can only be done with makeup remover or almond oil.

It should also be  mentioned that due to its matte texture, lipstick dries out  the lips, so before and after makeup you should take care of the lips  and use a lip balm.

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