Review on a Power Bank from Xiaomi

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In early August, I ordered another gadget from Xiaomi, a Chinese company, on Aliexpress. This time, my choice fell on a Power Bank. I highly recommend buying a Power Bank from Xiaomi. In my opinion, this company produces the best power banks in the world, with a good design at an affordable price. I ordered a 10,000 mAh Power Bank of the second generation, with fast charging support.

There are lots of videos on YouTube on how to check your power bank for authenticity. The fact is that Xiaomi is very popular not only on the Chinese market, so there is a risk to buy a fake.

This power bank comes in two colors: black and white. Small scratches are more visible on the black power bank, but its coating was made shockproof, so, if you notice a scratch, slide your finger over it and it will disappear! Yes, yes, it is so simple.

The Power Bank is pretty heavy. The package may arrive is a bit crumpled, and if this happens, be sure to record a video of the unpacking process, as the goods may come not in the best condition.

The size of the power bank is about the average phone.

It is very easy to use: it has the main USB port for connecting cables, as well as a port for micro-USB to recharge the power bank. This power bank has 4 LEDs, which show you the remaining charge. Moreover, there is  a button next to 4 LEDs to check the charge level. On one side, there is the MI logotype.

The basic information is shown on the bottom, where the font is not very bright, but quite readable. The theoretical maximum battery capacity of 10,000 mAh is indicated here. Though remember:  in real life, it will always be less. This value can be obtained only in ideal conditions, for example, in a laboratory. In everyday life, you will not get such values. The minimum battery capacity is shown below. The minimum capacity of this power bank is 6900 mAh. It is very important to know and understand where such values come from.  As I have already mentioned,  6900 is the minimum capacity, so, if your power bank lasts less, there is definitely a defect.

Why is it important to know? For example, you can sometimes order a bank of  5000 mAh, with the minimum capacity of 3300 mAh, and your phone may have a capacity of 4100 mAh. So, there is a question, “Why doesn’t the power bank charge my phone completely?”.

As for me, 10,000 mAh is the best option. It can charge my phone, watches, headphones and I can forget about the charging problem. But those, who need to charge a tablet or a laptop, should consider ordering a more advanced version at 20000 mAh.

 From my own experience, I can say that this power bank is quite comfortable to wear: it fits in pockets and does not fall out. The cord, attached to it, is rather short, but if, on your way home from work, you need to charge your phone, such a short cord is only a plus because it doesn’t interfere with your walking while you are holding the phone and the power bank in one hand.

This is an affordable, simple and very useful gift option. So, if there is a special occasion or a holiday, and you did not have time to buy a gift for a friend or a close person, order it online or visit the nearest electronic store to buy Xiaomi Powerbank 2.

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