Polaris - a portable steamer for business travel (review)

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Portable steamer Polaris for business travel

Advantages: In the beginning, I didn't expect this device would work like a pro, but the result was far beyond my imagination. Normally, the steamer needs some time to warm up, but not this one, the steam comes up almost right away, there's no water spill, wrinkles release only in a minute or less. The size of the device allows you to fit it in your luggage, it is very convenient for business travel.

I bought it for a work trip. I HATE ironing and always mess up my clothes when I attempt to iron them. I was packing a ton of clothes and knew everything would be super wrinkled.

The original steamer I wanted to buy wouldn't arrive in time, but this one arrived quickly and did an AMAZING job. It took me under ten minutes to steam a dress that was super wrinkled. I audibly gasped at how quickly it took the wrinkles out. This is absolutely worth the money. Thank God for never ironing again!! This steamer releases wrinkles in a minute or two. It works so well and it is easy to use. And it saves a lot of time. Don’t need my old iron anymore.

This one is great! It has a very good stainless steel head. It works great on cotton clothing. Put your clothes on a hanger, pull it straight and let the steamer do the job :-) Great service too. The steamer is also good for jersey fabrics; it’s a little bit slow but good enough for home use. It is very powerful compared to other steamer products in the market. I already tried this for my wool coat, and a linen shirt, and it works perfectly! I received it in 2 weeks after my order. Weight is acceptable for practical use. For one cotton T-shirt, I used half of the water from the iron's tank. Besides its convenience, one of the functions I like the most is intelligent automatic power off. Cool stuff, the steam jet is quite powerful.

Disadvantages: With a full bottle of water, it becomes heavy and therefore not recommended for longer use.  It comes with two brush head attachments but there is no information on how to use them. Overall, it is a great product, but next time I’d buy something a bit smaller in size. 1 brush was missing and was sent immediately afterwards. I recommend the product, but I wish the manual were written in English instead of Chinese. I don’t think it can replace iron on a regular basis but for delicate fabrics it’s great.

Of course, you should not expect complete iron performance but it definitely saves my time and steams my shirts really well. It works as advertised, although I think it is too big for a travel portable steamer. One of the drawbacks - the plastic gets hot after a while, so you have to hold it next to the base. The box doesn’t look very nice, but it is no problem - inside everything is well.

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