Love at first sight - LG X power K220 DS review

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As my old phone gave out, I faced the problem of choosing a new one.


While I was browsing the Internet, my attention was caught by LG X power K220 DS.


It was love at first sight, as I liked its design and simplicity.


The price did not play much role, but it was great to get this smartphone at a budget price.


The advantages of this phone are that it supports two SIM-cards and has a good-quality 13-megapixel camera with autofocus and a 5.3" screen, with a resolution of 1280x72 0 p x.


My choice was made thanks in large part to the size and weight of this device.


It is not heavy and large, so you can put it even in your pocket.


I was also fascinated by the quality of sound and I am 100% sure that it is not worse than any IPhone’s.


Now I can listen to any music and watch films.



With an accumulator capacity of 4100 mAh, you don’t have to think of an unexpected phone turn-off and can use it for 3 days without battery charging.


It helps a lot when you travel long distances.


I am really glad of purchasing this smartphone because I use it for everything: chats, Skype video-calls, recording concerts or taking high-quality photos, using different applications like taxi service, bank payments and so on.


It helps me with my translations and negotiations with partners.


I do hope it will serve me for a long time!

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