Looking for a good Tablet for work - Asus Zenpad Tablet review

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I didn't buy a tablet for some time as I didn't consider it necessary, it was quite enough for me to use a mobile phone in my everyday work, all I needed to do was to make calls and send messages and if I needed any documents on me, I printed them out and bothered no more about this.

Later, I changed my job, which turned out to be more related to documents and that was when buying a tablet appeared to me as a must.


I was looking for a reliable tablet, which holds a charge really long and my friends advised me to buy an Asus Zenpad, I also googled this model and in the end I was convinced to buy it; the model turned out to work well and it has been working for 2 years already, the battery is really not among the worst in its class, it can hold a charge up to 3 days, especially if using low brightness.

I also like this tablet for a number of useful apps, which can be found only on an Asus model, for example, a really nice notebook app, which I use in my work all the time.


Well, I would also mention this model's design, the screen is really big and it's extremely bright comparing to gadgets, manufactured by other companies, watching films on this tablet is an extra pleasure; just try watching films on another device after this one to see the difference in brightness.

I really like this thing; I'm not sure but it seems to me that an Asus Zenpad's screen has a better sharpness than many other models, so my tablet brings me a lot of joy.


Unfortunately, I have to admit this model doesn't have enough RAM installed, just 1 gigabyte, but I don't need more, this size of the system memory meets my needs, and besides, I wouldn't exchange such a convenient tablet for another one because of a bigger system memory size or something else.

Well, if you wish to buy a really good tablet, which can help you in your work or allow you to watch films with comfort, you may buy an Asus Zenpad, at least, there are no regrets for my part.

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