Is the Cold war between me and my ideal shoes over?

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One of my recent purchases is a pair of AGL loafers. Actually, these shoes cost about $300, but I bought mine on sale. They are $130. These flats are made of natural leather of high quality. Their color is nude.
I highly recommend “AGL” brand to everyone who appreciates the balance between comfort and fashion and does not want to compromise any of these items. I usually avoid wearing high heels in my everyday life since it takes me about an hour to commute to my job. And driving a car in pumps turns your day into a torture. It can also cause blisters, pain in your ankle and even make your feet swell. Meanwhile, I’d like my outfit to be on the edge of fashion and my ideal footwear is to meet all the recent trends.
When I first saw this pair of loafers, I plunged into doubt if they would suit my casual style. But now, after making a quick review of my autumn wardrobe, I should admit I can combine them with any look I create. I can wear them with my skinny jeans and a jacket. Or I can also try them with some flowing dress. They will also suit my favorite graphite coat. Wearing these loafers with some wide pants and a white shirt adds so masculine perk to my outfit. They embody this cheeky chic that I always try to pursue in my style. As for the quality of these loafers, they are made of this solid leather, despite it seems so soft and stretchy, and their natural soles also give this amazing feeling of wearing my slippers. They are super comfortable. They’ve got their footbeds that shape your foot. I didn’t have any break-in period with them. When I put them on, I can walk a mile, especially when going shopping. This pair of loafers is of a nude color. And it also benefits me because it makes my leg look longer and my ankle seems narrower. Despite their light color, they are so durable. You won’t find any scratches on them.  And last but not least they will suit  any of my bags.
I should also mention that it’s so very important to protect your shoes with a waterproof spray. It will prolong the life of your loafers. And it will allow you to wear them in the rainiest days ever so that your loafers don’t suffer from this ugly weather, don’t retain any moisture.  If you still have any doubts about purchasing these loafers, I can reassure you this is an investment worth making. Even in a while, you won’t regret the money spent on them. After finding these shoes, I’m a strong believer that the fusion of comfort and style can be achieved easily. Hopefully, you will share my delight about those loafers by AGL and find time just to try them on in the nearest shop where they are being sold at the moment. You will fall in love with this pair of loafers I am pretty sure. Even, if it won’t be love at first sight. This will be a staple pair of shoes that would suit any event in your life including business meetings, dating, any kind of musical performances or just having coffee with your friends or colleagues. I am so very grateful to the sales assistant, who persuaded me just to try them on. This pair is essential in your autumn wardrobe! And you won’t have any regrets about it, I promise!!!
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