Gmini MagicBook Z6 review

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For every booklover there comes a time when they feel that their home library`s capacity is coming to an end or that carrying another 400-pages book to read while commuting is not that convenient, and when it comes, the best choice would be to buy an e-book.

That is why I want to draw attention to Gmini MagicBook Z6, which I have been using for a while now, thus I can describe its advantages and drawbacks.


First, the main aspect of every decent e-book is a screen.

The resolution of the e-reader is 800x600 and the screen size is 6 inches.

Even though Z6 uses old Pearl generation of e-ink, which has become traditional to such devices rather than innovative, the technology still provides a user with a high quality of reading and comfort due to contrast and sharpness of the page.


Another benefit of the e-book is 4 Gb of internal memory, which can be further expanded up to 32 GB via microSD slot. It means that an average user will not face difficulties while filling his electronic library. It is very important to mention that Z6 supports all file formats plus MP3 in case you want to listen to audiobooks.


As for the battery, there is nothing special about it. Standard Li-ion battery with a capacity of 1500 mAh allows a few days of reading without charging the e-book.


However, the device is hardly ideal and it has a few minor downsides that spoil the overall impression about Z6.

The E-book is obviously made of cheap plastic, it is fragile and after some time buttons start to crumble.

The complement of the box is also poor.

There are no earphones or a recharger, only the device itself.

Besides, Z6 is quite outdated because contemporary e-books use latest generations of e-ink and are equipped with mini USB 3.0 interface while Z6 has 2.0.

Hence the standard smartphone cable simply won`t fit and you will have to keep two different cables to charge e-book and smartphone.  

Nevertheless, the main advantage that outweighs all drawbacks is the price.

Only 60 dollars for a decent e-book seems to be a good deal, especially when it comes to quality-to-price ratio.

To sum up everything that was mentioned, I can conclude that I am fully satisfied with the device, which is, in my opinion, may be the best choice for those, who want to become familiar with e-books but does not want to overpay. 

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