Burton snowboard review

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Today, Burton is the world's largest snowboard company with a multi-billion turnover and a large staff all around the world. Its name is known to every snowboarder, from beginner to pro. Its team of brilliant technologists and best professional athletes constantly work on maintaining the reputation and strive for perfection.

Burton offers boards of various specializations. Whether you are a beginner, an expert, a professional or a fan — you can choose the equipment of the legendary company, suitable for you.

Stylus is the best choice as for the first snowboard in the collection of starting riders. It will help to create a solid base of knowledge and skills before shifting to a model for advanced snowboarding. This Board will be a great partner when mastering snowboard balance, management, and control. Flat Top deflection with zero deflection in the center and symmetrical geometry will ensure stability and minimize the risk of falling due to its cutting edge in the snow.

Every winter, I went skiing or skating. But 4 years ago, I decided to try snowboarding. I did not know what kind of sport it is, why it is so popular and why many people love it.

My first Board was Stylus. I must say that it was immediately comfortable for me to ride. Perhaps some people will disagree saying that it is impossible to learn to ride at once.  However, during the very first lesson, I learned to stand easily on the Board and I didn’t fall at medium or minimum speeds. This Board has become a kind of guide that showed me the way to a new world of entertainment.

The Board is very cool and if I started to snowboard more seriously, I would have bought this Board and ride on it. It isn’t very long, convenient to ride when you climb a mountain or when you just go with it. The board is shockproof and withstands serious falls. Its quality is excellent and while using it for a few years, I did not notice any drawbacks. The Board is very strong and lightweight thanks to the use of the latest technologies developed by the leading and most respected manufacturer of snowboard equipment - the American company Burton Snowboards. In general, the Board is very good. I advise everyone to try this thing if you go snowboarding and if you are not sure whether to get it or not, I highly recommend you buying this Board. The quality is excellent, no cons found.

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