Apple Watch Series 3 Review

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The Apple Watch was never meant to be just a nice fashionable accessory, it is an ultimate device for a casual daily use that helps millions of users to manage the time they spend on pretty much any activity. It can become your own fitness trainer, your personal doctor and your loyal secretary. The Apple Watch Series 3 is not an exception. It is a modified and perfected upgrade of its previous versions with some new features.

Tim Cook said that it was the most frequently sold watch model, with the total customer satisfaction of 97%. So why is it so popular?

First of all, a brand new option is to have a cellular right on the Apple Watch. It provides an opportunity to stay connected to the network even without the iPhone. Moreover, the version with LTE has a special red-colored digital crown, which looks extremely fresh and stylish. But surprisingly, a lot of people complain that this function is not worth its cost, and, by the way, the feature is not available in every country. So you have to decide whether it is so necessary for you to have an extra SIM card on your Watch or not.

Overall the design hasn’t changed since the very first model. It is still a futuristic aluminum (in a sports version) or a premium steel (in a casual version) body, which provides a large variety of colors and bands, with a glossy screen and rounded edges. In other words, you will always recognize it. Apple also gives you a choice between 38mm and 42mm version but the display size is much more comfortable on a bigger one. Be careful! Even though the Gorilla Glass is very damage resistant, screen scratches appear very easily and it makes your Apple Watch look much worse.

By the way, the device is water resistant which makes it usable for swimming in a pool or ocean. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to it!

A very cool feature is a built-in NFC chip. You will enjoy using Apple Pay technology on Apple Watch every time, making some strangers think you are Men in Black movie hero.

Apple Watch Series 3 is a decent fitness device. It measures your heartbeat, counts calories and reminds you to warm up. Having its own music player, Apple Watch has completely ruined any need of iPod. Watch really cares about its user’s health. A very cool program called «Apple Breathe» helps to stabilize breathing and get rid of stress. But the majority of people is still using the device to get the notifications. It is extremely convenient to read Facebook messages right on your Apple Watch. The function helps to use iPhone very rarely and makes the user experience much more comfortable and effective.

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