April 01, 2018

Partner Program on the Copywriter Zine

Dear users! We are pleased  to introduce to you our Partner Program!

Each of our authors has an opportunity to engage other authors with his referral links. If a new author registers by clicking on your ref-link, he automatically becomes your referral. On each of your referrals, you will earn 10% of his author’s income (that is, you will receive 10% of your referral’s income accrued from visitors viewing* his articles), and you can have as many referrals as you want. And that is not all! All newly engaged authors have an additional bonus - in the first 2 months of their activity as an author (60 days from the date of registration in the system), they will get a 20% increase in income from views of all their articles! So, registering on the CwZine as someone else’s referral is a win-win both the author and for his referral!

How do you engage other authors? As we have mentioned earlier, there is a mechanism of ref-links for this. In your personal account, you can see the link “Referral section” (it is right under the link “Author’s profile”) - clicking on this link, you will go to the page of your personal referral statistics. At the top of the page, you can see the Generator of your ref-links. You need to copy the link to any allowed Zine page (this can be, for example, a link to any of your articles, or to another page of the CwZine, for example, a link to a section) and paste it into the top field of the generator (“Initial link”), then, click on the “Generate” button, and if this link proves to be valid, then in the bottom field you will see your referral link to this page (your ref- link will look something like this - cwzine.com/?refer=519).  By the way, it is also a ref-link, and all new authors may use it to register) – so, copy it and use it  as an advertisement of our amazing service, and  everyone who will visit our site and register by  clicking on it, will automatically become your referral!

Just imagine that you have engaged 10 authors of approximately the same productivity - this means that your total income from their activities will be equal to the income of an author himself! Now, imagine that you have 100 of such referrals, or, maybe 1000?

All your referrals will be displayed on the same page of your referral statistics below the ref-link generator (in the future, we will implement a visual display of the financial performance of your referral system).

Thus, advertising your ref-links to your own articles, you will not only increase the number of views of your articles, but will also be able to engage new authors to your ref-program and, thus, to multiply your income! The key thing you need to do is to clearly explain to your new authors their benefits from registering as your referral (see above, in the first paragraph).

Ready to register? Before registering, make sure you have carefully studied our Rules.

* - henceforward, the word “views” (“viewing”) should be understood as unique visits, or visits made by unique visitors to a particular article within the current day. For example, if someone tries to boost the number of views, repeatedly refreshing the page of the article, such views will not be counted by the system

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