The whole truth about Acuvue lenses, the pros and cons

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I'd like to share my six years’ experience of wearing contact lenses Johnson & Johnson Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear plus.

My eyesight began to fade in school and I was diagnosed with myopia and astigmatism. Therefore, I had to wear glasses. Sure, it is not a pleasure for a teen and at the age of fifteen I put in lenses  for the first time. My doctor recommended me Acuvue Oasys, designed for two-week replacement.

Everybody told me that people faced a lot of problems when wearing lenses and, as a result, stopped using it. That is why I expected the lenses to 'slip' from its original position, dreaded some discomfort, eye redness, sight loss and other horrible symptoms, which I read about on the Internet.  To my great joy, I had none of them. In fact, I even didn’t feel lenses in the eyes. Though, when I advised to try Acuvue lenses to some of my acquaintances, they refused it because of their negative opinion on lenses.

lenses Johnson & Johnson Acuvue OasysEach Acuvue lens has its own vacuum packing. On one side, there is a protective layer, which you can tear off and take a lens out. The lenses are transparent, soft and elastic.

These lenses solved most of my problems.

Firstly, I saw well, I didn’t need to get close to the blackboard to see the information on it, and I started recognizing people in the street. I stopped wearing glasses, which were especially uncomfortable  in winter and under the rain.

Secondly, my temporal headache, I used to suffer from, passed when I started wearing the lenses.

Thirdly, my eyes became more expressive.

Fourthly, nobody could guess I had a poor sight.

 I don’t know if it has to do with the lenses but I did not have any discomfort when chopping onions  ( I used to think that  onions make us cry because we breathe in its phytoncides) .

Of course, there's no rose without a thorn. The lenses have also some disadvantages

Firstly, they are not so cheap. I  pay about 67 dollars for two boxes with 6 lenses in each. Besides, you should also buy a solution, a container, pickups (should be replaced occasionally) and ophthalmic drops.  You can use one-day lenses to spend no money on solution and other things, which, in my opinion, will cost you more. You can also buy lenses for monthly usage but the shorter the lifetime of lenses, the better for eyes.

Secondly, lenses are still foreign bodies. You should take them out at home and sometimes switch form lenses to glasses. In fact, using lenses, (especially  one-day lenses) is not recommended for some diseases.

Thirdly, you should follow the rules of wearing contact lenses such as washing lenses with a special cleaning solution, removing them before going to bed, using rewetting drops, etc.

As to my eyesight, it did not change during these 6 years.

So I can recommend you this brand of lenses. Still, don’t forget about glasses and look after your health!

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