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They say, all means are good to fight obesity and overweight. Everything you desire is a slim body. Though believing you’re on the right way, you can face lots of problems. It is becoming really an issue for you to get thinner without dieting, wearisome workouts, and other 'suffering'.

They say,  'Just take pills and forget the problem!'

But you don’t even realize that some of them might be dangerous.

Are you ready to sacrifice your health in order to get your dream body?


Hello, I’m Gwen. I’m 24 and I live in New York.

I’ve got a new job and became really stressed out. The job was quite challenging and It was difficult for me to handle all anxiety and stress. So, I I didn’t count calories and stopped controlling my weight.  I was eating fast food all the time, in a hurry, and as a result, I was getting fatter. When I was advised to get weight loss pills,  I had no idea that possible side effects might be like that: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches.


Do you really think it is possible to lose 10-15 kg in a month taking only a harmless plant-based extract? All manufacturers say that their supplement is rather effective, that it restores the body to its normal functioning and contains only natural ingredients.  


Hi, I’m Jill from Washington. I tried to prevent weight gain after having a baby. I took pills called “Fat Loser”. One of its components turned out to be poisonous. The drug was forbidden all over the world because of its side effects: baldness and even fatal outcome as a result of an overdose.


According to girls, such pills can help you to suppress your appetite and moderate your diet. Thus, you can get rid of obsessive thoughts about food. However, there can be serious side effects, such as nervous breakdowns, mental disturbance, decreased libido, acne, muscle pain. Many couples, who took those pills together, got divorced. Be careful with those pills and read carefully about their composition!  Some of them can result in a change of sexual desire.

Some oriental drugs,  as their leaflet says, will help you to get a slim body twice faster. This time the manufacturer assures you that safe and healthy weight loss could be achieved through excess fluid removal and metabolism stimulation. It can seem harmless: just take your pills and get slim but if you assume them actively and for a long time,  they increase calcium and magnesium excretion, which leads to digestive system disorders, vomiting, weakness, erectile dysfunction, and headache. This may be caused by all kinds of doubtful ingredients of the supplement, which are no regulated by the manufacturer.

Are you ready to face such difficulties trying to be skinny and cellulite-free? Here are some wise pieces of advice that many health magazines and fitness coaches can give you: create a calorie deficit, eat small meals, and drink more water!  Besides,  if you do exercises and run, your body won't be just skinny, it will be healthy, shapely, tight and merely stunning!

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