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Women usually pay close attention to facial care, but it is the neck that often gives away their true age. Meanwhile, it is necessary to take care of the skin neck, nourish and moisturize it since youth - then there is a chance to keep it smooth and delay the appearance of the first wrinkles. Comprehensive neck skin care involves not only cosmetic procedures for the skin but also the maintenance of muscle tone and elimination of cellulite.

Morning treatments

In the morning, the neck skin should be rinsed with cool water, patted dry and smeared with a nourishing cream – it should be quickly and well absorbed, leaving no oily or greasy traces. In 10 minutes, a cloth is applied to the skin to absorb the excess cream. Then you need to even out the skin tone with the help of powder of a suitable color.

Evening treatments

In the evening, the neck skin should be cleaned, covered with a thin layer of nourishing cream. Periodically evening treatments should be combined with massage. Before taking a bath, it is useful to make a warm compress. You need to apply a little oil rich cream to the skin, cover it with a thin towel and from time to time moisten it with warm water during bathing.

Masks and compresses

The neck skin needs additional nutrition and long-lasting hydration – home and professional masks, compresses will help to maintain tissue tone, stimulate cell renewal, prevent the formation of a double chin. Contrasting compresses (applying to the skin alternately a piece of wet gauze, moistened in cold, then in hot water) will be useful at any age – they tone the tissue, have a light lifting effect, refresh and invigorate. The duration of the cold compress should be twice as large as the duration of the hot one. Essential oils and sea salt can be added to water.

With dry skin neck, it is useful to make compresses with vegetable oil: it should be slightly warm. The oil is applied to the skin, the neck is covered with a piece of parchment paper and wrapped with a warm scarf. After a few minutes, the bandage can be removed. Masks for neck skin should have a lifting action. Steamed flaxseed oil, boiled potatoes, beaten protein, medical paraffin or yeast dough are used as essential components for such procedures.

Gymnastics and massage

Neck massage is supposed to improve blood circulation, promote smoothing of wrinkles and the outflow of liquid. For this purpose, gentle stroking movements, from the bottom up and vice versa, are used, after having previously lubricated the skin with an oil-rich cream. Gymnastics to maintain the neck muscles in tone includes head turns up and down, right, left, circular and semicircular movements. Gymnastics, massage and skin neck care should be regular – only in this case, it is possible to achieve a noticeable result.

P.S. Important:

if you already have wrinkles, you need to contact a beautician. He will be able to choose the right set of procedures to remove them. And, remember, it is easier to prevent wrinkles than to get rid of those that have appeared.

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