June 11, 2018


The Disclaimer of warranties


Any visitor to the cwzine.com site, whether he is a registered user of the cwzine.com or not, regardless of the purpose of his visit, while viewing the content of the resource or downloading any files from it or through links to external resources, with or without his knowledge, acts at his own peril. The administration of cwzine.com (hereinafter referred to as the administration) hereby declares that it shall have no liability to the visitor for consequences associated with viewing the site or downloading any content. It is understood that any damage that can be done to the user’s hardware (computer, LAN equipment, etc.), resulting from such actions, cannot be charged against the site administration and the service in any form, including damage and other claims.

The service administration does not guarantee access to the site and the service for any period of time, if there are technical failures of the hosting company that provides hosting for the service, as well as in case of the site being cracked or hacked, or infected with a virus and other force majeure events. For its part, the administration shall take whatever measures are necessary to resolve emerging challenges and to resume the normal operation of the resource as soon as possible, including backing up and saving all the data for their further restoration.

Any claims concerning profits, material or other benefits lost due to such force majeure events, as well as any damage claims, cannot be charged against the site administration, and accordingly, damages compensations claims cannot be satisfied.

On copyrights and third-party copyrights

Any graphic or video content contained in our authors’ materials is provided for informational purposes only, and it is not considered as content belonging to the cwzine.com platform, unlike the text content published on the site by our authors.

If, on any page of our site, you have found text-, graphic- or video content, to which you have sole rights and consider that its publication on our site is illegal, please inform us about it through the feedback form, providing all necessary supporting information and data. Having considered your claim, if we come to the conclusion you are right, we will remove the content that you complained about. In any case, you will be notified of the outcome of your claim.

Claims are considered within 3 days of receipt.


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